Ten years ago around a conference room in downtown Minneapolis, the privacy leaders from US Bank, Target, Best Buy, Carlson, Ameriprise, Medtronic, and Wells Fargo coined the term 'Twin Cities Privacy Network' to describe the informal benchmarking meetings we'd been having. With the yearend rush behind us, we're starting to plan out the events for this anniversary year to provide more opportunities to connect with your peers. If you want to be involved in this planning, contact Jay.
The first thing we're doing is setting the date for the annual retreat. We want to respect the Secure360 event in early May, and so we'll be either a few weeks before or after that. I'm waiting to hear back from our location if 1 June will work out.
A number of you have asked about CIPP opportunities. The answer is Yes, you can count on it. There will be the chance to take all of the CIPP exams, probably the day before or after the retreat. We're also looking at arranging for classroom training through the IAPP's new onsite training program the week prior to the exam.
We've also had inquiries about extending the Privacy Metrics Pool. We'd conducted a three-year trial that ended last year and pool members now have a unique set of data. In the coming quarter we'll gauge your interest to continue this.
To celebrate our 10th anniversary, our theme this year is going to be getting back to our roots. We have so much talent here locally and so much to learn from each other. If you'd like to host a meeting, host a call on a targeted topic, host CIPP training, or help identify topics and speakers for the retreat, please contact me or Gia in the next week or so. And pencil off June 1st.
Senator Al Franken
US Senator Al Franken addresses the Twin Cities Privacy Network at the University of Minnesota Law School. Photo courtesy of University of Minnesota Law School.
Confidentially learn how Twin Cities organizations are addressing common privacy and security challenges.
Get to know your peers at meetings hosted by TCPN member organizations about every other month.
Spend a day offsite each year with your peers focusing on a variety of priority topics voted on by members to be top-of-agenda.

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